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rooibos, sea buckthorn, birch leaf

When temperatures drop down below what the rest of the world can comprehend, and the snow starts piling on metre high drifts, there are few better activities than taking a dogsled ride through the Arctic Circle. Far away from city noises, all you will hear is your breath vaporizing from the crispy cold weather as the dogs pull you under the clear, starlit sky. Once you reach your perfect viewing point, you lie underneath the open sky, pull out your thermos and wait for nature’s most colourful show. As the northern lights start their dance and you take a sip of your tea, life is lived at its fullest. A perfect moment for a polar nightcap!

The union of rooibos with sea buckthorn is stunning! A bit sweet, but at the same time slightly bitter and bubbly. Savoury taste and dazzling color gets you hooked for nights to come. No caffeine.

Brewing instructions: 2 tsp, 80 °C, 5 min