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black tea, blackcurrant leaf, blackcurrant, red clover flower

Moose sightings are the norm in Scandinavia. Chances are that a moose or two are always running around wherever you go. Further north, you may see more reindeer than moose, but what is certain is that some big animal is likely to be hiding behind the trees. If you happen to roam around these lands, look out for moose swimming across the lakes in the morning mist. It is a sight to remember. Also memorable is this black tea blend with berries, blackcurrants leaves and red clovers. Its flavour will take you on a journey through the wilderness!

A black tea base with blackcurrant leaves and red clover gives a tannic structure and lingering herby flavour. With a deep colour and delightful blackcurrant scent, this tea is both sensual and fresh at the same time.

Brewing instructions: 2 tsp, 90°C/194°F, 3-5 min