Maku Herb Planter

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Self watering system.
The perfect pot for herb lovers. This self-watering planter can store water and provide enough water to your herbs, the rope absorbs water from the planter pot it keeps the soil moist. No need to water your plants every day. This clever wick pot can help you to care for your plants when you go away for a couple days or on business.
The pot is easy to use. Fill the bottom part with water and place the herb in a smaller pot at the top. The ropes at the bottom of the pot raise moisture for the herb, as long as there is water at the bottom. Pot is transparent, so you can easily see when water needs to be added. The stylish self-watering herb pot is suitable for both store-bought and home-grown herbs. Also suitable for other green plants. Bring the scent and beauty of fresh herbs to your home.