We've lauched! Welcome to The Nordic Fashion House!



Welcome to the home of everything *N O R D I C*!

Inspired by the Nordic concept of friluftsliv (pronounced free-loofts-liv = “free air life/outdoor living”), we carefully select contemporary Nordic lifestyle products, that you will love. From Nordic clothing brands to homeware and lifestyle products - we will make sure you embrace your own friluftsliv by adding your own personal touches to your home and look.

The Nordic way of life - its breathtaking nature, the great openness of their people, the mixture of tradition and modernity in everyday life and the cosy yet simple way of Nordic living - has inspired us to bring the Nordic lifestyle to the UK. Our select brands offer many contemporary and stylish products for your home.

Our PHILOSOPHY at The Nordic Fashion House is to share our passion for exactly these Nordic lifestyles and bring you as close as we can to your clear-breathing, slow-living, outdoor-inspired, fuss-free and positive “just-enough” Nordic mindset. The beauty of the Nordic "just-enough" lifestlye is manifested in their word, or rather state of being, lagom. It is pronounced Lah-gum and it translates into "not too little, not too much". We want to bring you this exact feeling of something being "just right".


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