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We at TheNordicFashionHouse are excited by anything related to Nordic living, Nordic lifestyle, Nordic cuisine, Nordic wellbeing, Nordic homes, Nordic rules and laws - simply everything Nordic. As such we are kicking off our series of Nordic-related posts with a small dictionary for you. 

There are a number of words that have recently been adopted by the rest of the world describing Nordic concepts of well-being and slow-living. You will probably have heard of a few, but we are sure we can surprise you with some new ones. Perfect knowledge for your next Nordic inspired dinner party! We start with 4 concepts. Stay tuned for 4 more to come soon.


Friluftsliv (pronounced free-loofts-liv) is a Norwegian concept for the appreciation and connection with the outdoors; it literally translates as "fresh air life". Think about a lunchtime run in the forest, or commuting by bicycle and not with your car. Think about enjoying a relaxing sauna at a lakeside and listening to the birch leaves rustling in the wind above you. Why not unwind in a mountain hut after a detoxing walk through a beautiful landscape? All of this is friluftsliv - and we LOVE it!


Hygge (pronounced hoo-gha) is a Danish noun describing an atmosphere of warmth, wellbeing and cosiness. It is created when you feel at peace and are able to enjoy simple pleasures in life and know the feeling of being in the moment. Hygge is often created when you are together with people you love, good food and drinks, warm blankets and candlelight. Or just think about the warm feeling you get when you drink a hot chocolate in front of the fireplace. What we find fascinating about this Danish word is the fact that there seems to be no direct translation of hygge into English. Unlike a possible German translation of it as "Gemütlichkeit", nothing seems to match it in the English language. The Danes seem to have adopted it for their daily lives, almost living and breathing it within their own DNA.


Lagom (pronounced lah-gom) describes the positive feeling of having the bare minimum. Live like it's "just enough" - not too much, not too little. Something being "just right". This is exactly what the Swedish term "lagom" is all about. This comfortable feeling of having everything in the right place, at the right moment and of the right amount. It describes the balance between frugality and modesty and is based on living a more sustainable life, whilst making life better and more beautiful every single day.

Kura skymning

Probably one of our favourites, Kura skymning  (pronounced cure-ah-skim-ning) is a Swedish phrase that literally translates into ‘sitting quietly and pondering at dusk’. A perfect reminder for all fast-living, busy day workers to just calm and slow down at the end of a hectic day and take in natural beauty and reflect on ones day. Just close your eyes, take some deep breaths and let your thoughts wonder. We are certain that if you embrace Kura skymning, it will work wonders for you too!  


If you loved this list, stay tuned on www.thenordicfashionhouse.com for a continuation of our dictionary with more Nordic words soon.

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