Wash Mitten VILLA Collection by Jokipiin Pellava
Wash Mitten VILLA Collection by Jokipiin Pellava Natural
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Wash Mitten VILLA Collection by Jokipiin Pellava

Jokipiin Pellava

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The Wash Mitten produced by Jokipiin Pellava are of durable yet easy-care quality. The use of a wash cloth gives your skin a nice softness and exfoliating character. The VILLA collection is Finnish designed with the inspiration and aim of pure beauty and harmony of colours.

Linen is a beautiful, long-lasting and organic material. It has a high capacity for absorption, making it an excellent wash mitten material. The more you use and cherish it, the better and softer it becomes. As a material linen is beautifully lustrous, strong, absorbent and dirt-resistant. Finnish family company Jokipiin Pellava was established in 1929 and prides itself in using only the highest quality linen to a high percentage within their bath and sauna textiles. Mixed with cotton, it gives it a perfect blend and feel. You will be able to treasure their items for decades. All their products are produced in Finland.

Product Specification

Material: 70% Linen Terry and 30 % Cotton

Colours: Natural/Black & White/Beige

Size: 15 x 20 cm