Dried Sauna Whisks / Sauna Vihta by Rento
Dried Sauna Whisks / Sauna Vihta by Rento
Dried Sauna Whisks / Sauna Vihta by Rento Eucalyptus

Dried Sauna Whisks / Sauna Vihta by Rento


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Any Finn swears by the use of whisks, called “vihta”, in their sauna. Try it out for yourself – you will soon swear by its use too!  These skilfully dried and packaged Rento Sauna Whisks retain their scents as if they were freshly bound in the forest for you right there and then!

Directions for use: Soak the whisks before going to the sauna. Remove the packaging but leave the netting around the whisk. Immerse it first in lukewarm water for 20 to 25 minutes. Carefully loosen the netting and let the whisk sit in warm (not hot) water for another 5 to 10 minutes. Put fresh water in the sauna bucket for the whisk. The warm water that has been infused with its branches works well for sauna steam and gives the sauna a pleasant scent. You can start to use the whisk when your skin has warmed up nicely – gently whisk yourself or your fellow sauna goers. After the sauna, lightly rinse the whisk and let it hang in a cool, dry place. You can reuse it following the same instructions.

Product Specification

Different types available: Birch & Eucalyptus

Do not leave the whisk in the sauna on the benches or the stove.