How to Hygge on (Inter)-National Hygge Day?

In honour of International Hygge Day (28th of Febuary) and National Hygge Day (UK - 1st of March), we have created a short list of how to bring more hygge into your life. Not just for today and tomorrow, but especially on official days like these! In our last post, we have already descripted the meaning of it, but we will write about it again, just because it is so great!

Hygge (pronounced hoo-gha) is a Danish noun describing an atmosphere of warmth, wellbeing and cosiness. It is created when you feel at peace and are able to enjoy simple pleasures in life and know the feeling of being in the moment. Hygge is often created when you are together with people you love, good food and drinks, warm blankets and candlelight. Or just think about the warm feeling you get when you drink a hot chocolate in front of the fireplace. What we find fascinating about this Danish word is the fact that there seems to be no direct translation of hygge into English. Unlike a possible German translation of it as "Gemütlichkeit", nothing seems to match it in the English language. The Danes seem to have adopted it for their daily lives, almost living and breathing it within their own DNA. So... how do you actually become more hyggelig?

Enjoy the Little Things


How to bring more hygge into your own life?
    1. For a truly relaxing hygge day, spend it with people closest to you or completely on your own to let your mind wander!

    2. Be unreachable - have technology free hours. Turn off any electronics and you will start to become more aware of and take comfort in your surroundings.

    3. Snuggle up in comfortable and knitted clothing.

    4. If you have one, light the fire in your living room.

    5. Create a relaxing atmosphere in your home filled with cushions and fluffy blankets.

    6. Candles: You can never have enough candles, especially those scented ones!

    7. Make comfort food that requires "slow" cooking.

    8. Treat yourself with hot and comforting drinks. Relax with a nice and warm cup of tea or coffee, or be more adventurous and try new things like a cinnamon hot chocolate!

    9. Do something creative, something with your hands, something that makes you happy – knit, sew, write (your diary, a poem, a letter), read, colour, draw, paint…

    10. Simply be slow, be happy, be hyggelig!

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